Healing Every Bite

We are a small family farm that operates on a quality over quantity model. Our animals regularly rotate to fresh pastures. They are fed non medicated, non gmo feeds. Our animals have full access to pastures and eat grasses and bugs, not drugs. We humans are supposed to exercise regularly and we believe our animals should too.


Pastured Broilers

Our pastured, non-gmo broilers are available for sale. The meat birds thrive on pasture and are rotated regularly using electric netting and solar chargers. They are fed fermented non-gmo feed from a local mill. Our birds get plenty of grass, bugs, fresh air, and sunshine.

We sell whole broilers and select cuts.

Our whole broilers are 5lb on average.

Our regular cuts are:

Boneless, Skinless Breasts

Leg Quarters


Ground Chicken

Occasionally we have other cuts/organs

(liver, heart, gizzards, feet, carcasess, etc)

The feet and carcasses make awesome bone broth!

Rainbow Eggs

From the Pasture

Our laying hens rotate weekly to new pastures.  Our chickens thrive primarily on pasture and are supplemented with fermented non-gmo feed from a local mill. The grass and bugs make the eggs taste exceptional. 

Pastured Heritage Turkeys

In 2020 we decided to take on another farm project. We are starting to raise our own Thanksgiving Turkeys on the farm. We chose heritage birds for many reasons that I am not going to bore you with. #science #genetics #sustainability

These heritage birds are much slower growing (7months) than the broad-breasted industry breeds (4 months) and are more close in size to birds in the wild. We are also selecting our best Tom and hens and will be hatching out our own turkey poults for next year for a truly sustainable Thanksgiving.

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