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Healing Every Bite

Food availabilities

We are a small farm that operates on a quality over quantity model. Our animals regularly rotate to fresh pastures. Our animals are fed non medicated, non gmo feeds. Our animals have full access to pastures and eat grasses and bugs, not drugs.

Pastured Broilers

Our pastured, non-gmo fed broilers are available for sale. The meat birds thrive on pasture and are fed fermented non-gmo feed from a local mill (Sunrise Farms in Stuart's Draft, VA).

We sell whole birds

And we have cut up portions in vacuum sealed freezer packs:

-Wings (one dozen whole wings)

-Boneless, skinless breasts (6 pack)

-Skin on, bone-in leg quarters (6 pack)

Update (4/25/2020)

We are sold out of chicken cuts, but we have lots of whole birds.  We have chickens that will be ready to harvest the first week of June. We plan to cut all of these up into freezer packs due to customer demand.

Pastured Eggs

Our laying hens rotate weekly to new pastures.  Birds thrive primarily on pasture and are supplemented with fermented non-gmo feed from a local mill (Sunrise Farms in Stuart's Draft, VA).

We have eggs that are brown, tan, pink, and blue


Pasture Perfect Pigs

We raise pigs using rotational grazing with electric netting and solar chargers. Our pigs move to new pasture every week. The pigs thrive on pasture and are fed fermented non-gmo feeds. Our pigs are processed at a USDA facility (T&E Meats in Harrisonburg, VA) and we have many cuts of pork available.

We have the following cuts:

Nitrate free, uncured bacon

Loose breakfast sausage

Ground Pork



Pork chops


Update (4/25/2020):

We are blown away at the popularity of our pastured pigs. These 3 pigs were a small test for our farm of can we successfully raise pigs on pasture to harvest size within our model of regenerative agriculture. The answer is yes. 

Customer demand has been beyond our wildest expectations. We are sold out of bacon, ribs, and breakfast sausage. Roasts are getting low as well as chops. We have a lot of brats and ground pork still available.

I am getting more piglets (5-6) in late May to harvest sometime in January 2021. We are grateful for the pigs and for our customers who took a chance on our delicious experiment.



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